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Are you the DIYer looking for high-quality cabinets at an affordable price?

Midwest Cabinets and Design creates a whole new shopping experience for the Do-It-Yourselfer

You’re looking for beautiful cabinetry that is built to last and fits well within your budget and you want to roll up your sleeves to do the installation yourself because you are a hardcore Do-It-Yourselfer.  

You could go to the big box store and choose cabinets they have in stock, but you’re sorely disappointed by the quality they offer.

You cringe when you think about shopping their specialty line because the process is cumbersome and frustrating. You wonder if they will get the order right.

Did they really listen? Do they really know what they are doing? Have they ever even installed cabinets before?

Midwest Cabinets and Design is your source that beats the big box stores, hands down.

When you purchase cabinets from us, you not only receive a superior product at an affordable price, but you’ll also have our 35 years of experience to back you up during your project.

Yes! You receive personalized consultation and support if you have any questions during your project whether you have us assemble the cabinets and you simply install or if you do both the assembly and installation.

Your success and satisfaction with our product is important to us.

Our Signature DIY Service includes:

Design Services

We take the time to discuss your DIY project with you and help you solidify your design. We have the software available to create the schematic rendering of your renovated space for you.

Professional Measurements

As the old saying goes, “Measure twice, cut once,” we know how important it is to have your cabinetry fit as you imagine. Included in your DIY install order, is our professional measurement service.

Ordering Cabinets

Once your design is complete and your measurements are taken, we are happy to place your cabinet order.


You’ll have the option of picking up your cabinets from our warehouse or they may be delivered to your job site.

2 Hours On-Site Consultation*

We come to you! We work with you in your home to help measure, design, and plan your project so that you will be assured your cabinet selection is perfect for your space.
*Not in our service area? You qualify for our off-site consultation

Free Phone Consults

If you hit a snag during assembly or installation of your cabinets, we’re here to answer your questions.


You can’t get that type of service from any big box store!

If you’re the serious DIYer,
looking for quality cabinets at an affordable price…


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