Trust Your Kitchen Remodel to the Professionals with Over Four Decades of Experience

Transform Your Kitchen Today!

Trust Your Kitchen Remodel to the Professionals with Over Four Decades of Experience

Transform Your Kitchen Today!

The Heart of Your Home Deserves Special Treatment

While some may claim the hearth serves as the heart of a home, it’s really the kitchen.

When friends and family gather, where does everyone end up?

The kitchen.

It’s where you prep a shared meal, laugh, and swap stories.

Since the kitchen holds such a prominent place in the home, your buddy Billy shouldn’t build it in the backyard.

(Nothing against buddy Billy…he’s a great guy. He’s just not a professional cabinet maker with industry-specific tools and workspaces!)

Because when it comes to family and friends (and resale value!), a stunning kitchen is a must!

For premium quality on your kitchen remodel in the Springfield area, you can count on Midwest Cabinet and Design!

Why Midwest Cabinet and Design?

45 Years of Experience

Tom went to school to become a cabinet maker, then immediately started working for Sears as a refacer. Since then, he has spent over 40 years in the custom kitchen industry. He and his team bring deep insights to the design and installation process.

Custom Specifications

Your cabinets should fit your kitchen design, not the other way around. We build kitchens to suit your lifestyle and space requirements. So instead of trying to mash your space, appliances, counters, and cabinets together, we integrate your design elements to maximize the flow and feel of your kitchen.

Professional Installers

You may have heard horror stories of fistfights between framers and plumbers. While it’s true that occasional conflict erupts between the trades, our installers have been working together for a long time. Over the years we’ve fine-tuned the installation process and our crews work seamlessly to ensure a smooth process.

Unparalleled Quality

Tom founded Midwest Cabinet and Design on uncompromising quality. Our cabinets feature

  • Rugged material construction that resists warping, creaking, and cracking
  • 12 ply Shelving to support the weight of heavy ceramics and canned goods
  • Durable knobs and hinges with a lifetime warranty
  • UV conversion paint with a baked-on finish to stand up to rugged cleaners

Our uncompromising commitment to quality assures you that your dream kitchen will function and feel like it should for years to come!

See Before You Build

It’s a shame when initial ideas don’t survive contact with reality and it’s too late to go back and make changes. With our Computer Assisted Drawing design process, you can experience the full impact of your new kitchen with 3D rendering. By “walking through” a rendering on a computer screen you can “test drive” design features and make modifications early in the process.

"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten "

-Benjamin Franklin

To Work with Missouri’s Industry Leader in
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What Others Are Saying

“Tom helped me to put our ideas into beautiful results of attractive add-on cabinets to maximize the utilization of our existing kitchen. All our needs were accommodated, we loved the craftsmanship and customer service of both Tom and Jeff. And they don't leave a mess behind either. An endearing project for a functional custom drawer built into our baker's rack was next. It's a pleasure to work with Midwest Cabinets and Design. We will continue to engage them in our next cabinet needs and recommend them warmest.”

-Sigi H

“Midwest Cabinets did a great job in my kitchen. I consider them to be a high-value option as the quality of work for what you pay is really good. They called me back when I called, showed up when they said they would, delivered good quality with attention to detail, and stayed within the quote of what they said it would cost... what else can you ask for?”

-Andrew M

“Tom works really hard at doing the job right! He is great with scheduling and communications with customers so they know the schedule and plans. He will also fix problems that arise to make sure the job is done right, not just done to the minimum requirements. If you are looking at redoing your kitchen, you need to call Tom!”

-Jeff M

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