Let’s Talk About the Unmentionable

The day has finally arrived for your big,whole house remodel! You’ve thought of everything. You’ve approved the plans. Picked out the cabinets, counter tops, tile, wall color, appliances…everything. You’re good to go. Right?

Except your missing one thing. If you’re doing a total house remodel and you’ve requested demolition to be done all at once, one question…

Where are your contractors going to go to the bathroom?

This may seem like a no brainer, but it’s a detail that’s often overlooked by the homeowner. Professional contractors will insist on having on-site facilities and will help you take care of this little necessity.

What happens when there isn’t an onsite port-a-potty?

Workers end up leaving the job site in search of the nearest convenience store. Or worse! You’ll have to listen to the video to find out.

Valuable work time is wasted, pushing your project behind schedule every day and all because of a bathroom!

If you hire Midwest Cabinets and Design for your cabinet installation, we make sure to have port-a-potties delivered to your job site the day of work through until the job ends. This keeps my cabinet installers happy and productive.

How to Select a Quality
Cabinet Contractor eBook

How to Select a Quality Cabinet Contractor | Midwest Cabinets and Design

Investing in your home shouldn’t be a scary experience.

It also shouldn’t be daunting when selecting the perfect contractor for your job.

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