Why You Shouldn’t Use Valves on Your Water Lines Before Cabinet Installation

When you’re doing a total remodel and have changed out the plumbing, here’s a tip to make your brand-new kitchen cabinets look much better and more professional.

Instead of putting a valve on your hot and cold stems coming from the wall or floor, use a cap and crimp it off.

At the stage prior to cabinet installation, if you use valves instead of caps, you’re forced to cut much larger holes into your cabinetry to fit over the valves.

If you use a cap, the holes for the water lines will be much smaller. This makes everything fit perfectly and looking great. After the cabinets are installed, it’s time to cut off those caps and install your valves.

If you’re doing the plumbing yourself, now you know better. If you’ve hired a plumber, insist on the extra care. You’ll be pleased with the result.

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